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Our Story

Established in 2007, Immerse Design Eave Architects, abbreviated as I.D.E.A, is an Architecture and Interior Design firm situated in Bangalore, India.  The company has expanded to Hyderabad and several other Indian locations over time. As a flexible, multidisciplinary company, I.D.E.A. showcases its proficiency in interior design and architecture for commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality habitats. I.D.E.A is committed to providing expert design solutions and is supported by a devoted group of seasoned individuals with backgrounds in manufacturing, implementation, and design. The company’s primary goal is to create useful environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and improve people’s quality of life.



What We Offer

We at IDEA Architecture Firm provide a vision for your future in addition to plans and designs. Our team of talented architects is driven by ingenuity and inventiveness, and together we create environments that inspire, operate flawlessly, and enhance ordinary encounters.

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We Recognize Needs.

We are acutely aware of the critical significance of identifying our clients' demands.

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We Work Precisely ​

The seamless integration of form and function in our designs is a testament to our unwavering commitment to accuracy.

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We Deliver the Best Results

A brilliant group of ecologically conscientious and technologically astute architects and designers create visually beautiful designs.

Our Expert Team

Our group is motivated by a common goal of designing environments that endure, inspire, and elevate. We think we can consistently offer exceptional results that surpass our clients’ expectations by utilizing the combined abilities and knowledge of our team.

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Rajsh Aryan

Lead Architect

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Sean Hart

Project Manager - G.C.C


Laila Mohan

Sr. HR Manager India & G.C.C

"We provide unparalleled service within our industry."

“We take great satisfaction in providing the best service in our sector. Every engagement with us surpasses expectations because of our dedication to quality, which distinguishes us as leaders in providing outstanding customer satisfaction.