We create places that speak to the soul at IDEA Architects; we do more than just design spaces. We are visionaries. We bring dreams to life. By raising interior design and architecture to the level of an art form, we transform concepts into recognizable environments that serve as enduring examples of ingenuity and creativity.”

We Design Useful, Elegant, and Sustainable Environments

"Where Your Visions Are Constituted"

I.D.E.A. combines excellent design with innovation to enrich your spaces. Discover how to create unique interior and architectural designs that redefine style and functionality. Realize your vision with the assistance of our skilled team of architects and designers. See our gallery for inspiration on how to build a home that captures your unique style. From I.D.E.A., where every little detail is a piece of art, greetings.

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Our Specialization

Explore the amazing world of IDEA Architects, where creativity and expertise collide. Enhance your projects with our committed knowledge of creating environments that go above and beyond the norm.


we are dedicated to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary and inspire awe.

Landscape Design​

Our methodology is based on a thorough comprehension of the essential features

Exterior Design​

We choose exteriors that are not only visually beautiful but also durable and eco-friendly.

Site Planning

Architecture and site planning must be balanced in this demanding process.

Furniture Design​

Form and craftsmanship seamlessly mix together in our furniture designs.

Interior Design​

Our design ethos revolves around creating interiors that tell stories

What Our Clients Say

With our architecture and interior firm, enter a world of unmatched design perfection and client delight.

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I.D.E.A architects were a pleasure to work with! They updated, furnished, and improved the aesthetics of our dilapidated office space. Their dedication to our idea and meticulous attention to detail beyond our expectations. We are quite pleased with the outcome."
Saara Lokesh
Software Developer
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We hired I.D.E.A Architects to redesign the interior of our restaurant. In addition to improving the dining experience, their design brought in more customers. Since the renovation, the area has grown significantly in popularity and our company has prospered."
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From the first design concept to the last details, I.D.E.A Architects demonstrated innovation and professionalism. They designed our ideal home with our style in mind, genuinely understanding our way of life. Our home is a wonderful reflection of who we are as a consequence.
Anil Andrana

Our Recent Projects

Take a tour of our architectural and interior design projects to see how innovation and elegance can coexist.

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Our Expert Team

Our team is committed to pushing the limits of traditional design, continuously producing visually stunning and functionally sound solutions. Our architects provide a wealth of experience and a creative touch to every project, from conception to completion.

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Rajesh Aryan

Lead Architect

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Sean Hart

Project Leader, International Projects


Laila Mohan

Sr. HR Manager, India & G.C.C